Keeping it in the family tree

How much do you know about your family tree? It doesn’t come as a shock to most people that they know very little about all the ancestors that make up their family. Quite often we know a few generations back from us – parents, grandparents, and maybe great grandparents. But can you name any of the others who came before you?

We’re in the game of thoroughly and meticulously researching your family tree.

We search, dig and find ourselves down rabbit warrens finding all those ancestors that came before you. The people that make up that tree – whether it be a mighty oak or a gnarly looking mass of branches – they all lead to you; they all tell a story and weave a rich tapestry.

But, why? It’s a question we get asked all of the time. This information (which we make look mighty fine and ready for display) can help to provide meaningful connections to ancestors, can remind you where you and your family have come from and can even encourage compassion. It can help to teach us about who our ancestors were, what paths their lives may have taken and why they may have made some of the choices they did. It can tell stories of trials, tribulations and triumphs. It is also a wonderful talking point amongst family members and can help to spark conversations and memories.

Our research has led us down many paths and has helped some of our clients put family myths and legends to rest, we have found ‘lost’ and completely unknown ancestors as well as helping to give some of our clients a sense of identity where they may have never known anything about their biological family.

It’s a pleasure and a privilege being able to help you find your people. Want to know more about our 5-6 generation trees that include more than 60 of your direct ancestors? Check it out here. Trust us when we say that you won’t regret it. Get started now by getting in touch.Born & Bred Historical Research family tree

A Born & Bred Historical Research completed family tree