Born and Bred Historical Research – Terms and Conditions

1.   Terms of Engagement

1.    Before beginning any work Born and Bred Historical Research will confirm our understanding of the project to be undertaken and ensure agreement of this understanding with the client before commencing the research.

1.2   It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that the details of any previous research have been conveyed to Born and Bred Historical Research to avoid any research being inadvertently repeated.

1.3.  Born and Bred Historical Research will not exceed the time initially commissioned by the client without prior agreement.

1.4.  Born and Bred Historical Research undertake to report the findings of the research with detailed sources of the information obtained. Where research is not successful we will provide information as to the avenues that have been explored.

1.5.  Paid time includes research, analysis, report writing and time spent communicating with the client by telephone, email, text and in person.

1.6   If during the research it becomes clear that the said research will not take as long as initially quoted or research cannot progress as anticipated, we will only invoice for the time undertaken in research. In the situation that the research hours have been pre-paid, unused research hours will be refunded to the client.

2.    Payment Terms and Fees

2.1.  For all new clients pre-payment for two hours is required before commencement of research. We will provide a pre-payment invoice via email. Research will be undertaken once pre-payment has been received.

2.2.  Any subsequent research will be agreed upon between Born and Bred Historical Research and the client and will be payable on invoice at the completion of the project and within 7 days of invoice being issued.

2.3.  An hourly rate is charged for time spent on research, analysis, report preparation and time spent communicating with the client by telephone, email, text and in person. A minimum of two hours is charged for any research, unless otherwise agreed upon.

2.4.  If extensive travel is required, it will be agreed upon by both parties and will be charged at an hourly rate of $50 per hour.

2.5.  Expenses are charged at cost (e.g. birth, marriage & death certificates, postage etc.).

2.6.  All prices quoted are in AUD (Australian Dollars). Born and Bred Historical Research do not accept payment in any other currency.  The preferred method of payment is direct bank transfer. Bank account details will be provided upon invoice. Cheques are to be made payable to Born and Bred Historical Research and must clear prior to any work being undertaken. Payment via PayPal can be arranged at an additional 3.5% charge. Payment via credit card can be arranged at an additional 2.2% charge.

3.    Likelihood of Success

3.1.  It should be noted by any prospective client that it is sometimes not possible to trace a family back as far as expected or find the expected information in a particular document. Research time includes time spent searching with a negative outcome. However, all research may be considered positive if it is viewed that a particular document or direction has been “ruled out”.

3.2.  Genealogical and historical research can be a lengthy and challenging exercise that from time to time may produce little or no positive result and the client is reminded that payments are for research services provided and payments must be made even if the research fails to provide the client’s desired result. The research is carried out in incremental steps.  Clients are also advised that this can sometimes take longer than they might wish.

4.    General Points

4.1.  Born and Bred Historical Research reserve the right to decline cases where we consider the likelihood of success to be low and will be discussed with the client.

4.2.  All research and retrievals commissioned to Born and Bred Historical Research will be conducted by Phoebe Wilkens except for research or retrievals that require specialist input. In the event that the use of a third-party specialist is required, the matter will be discussed and agreed upon with the client ahead of the research. In the event specialist research or retrievals are required, Born and Bred Historical Research will do our utmost to locate details for third-party specialists who may be able to assist. Client details will not be shared with a third party without prior consent.

4.3.  The client and researcher shall maintain regular verbal and/or written contact, communicating as appropriate any details, issues, suggestions, questions and/or time frames in order to ensure a smooth and effective working relationship.

4.4.  All information provided by the client will be held as confidential by the researcher and Born and Bred Historical Research.

4.6.  Reports supplied by the researcher to the client are copyright of the researcher and must not be reproduced, amended or published, including in electronic form without prior written consent of the researcher.