Ancestry & Historical Research Services

Born & Bred will happily undertake research requests from individuals, businesses, legal practices, historical societies and have done extensive research for the media industry to clients in Geelong, Melbourne, Victoria and Australia-wide.


  • Family history research

    Delve deeper into your family history and help to uncover those family mysteries and skeletons in the closet. We break down brick walls and help to locate missing ancestors.

  • Family trees

    Build your family tree from the roots up. Giving you names, dates and places of your ancestors. Our 5-6 generation family trees can uncover more than 60 ancestors and is just the beginning of your family history search.

  • Copies of archival records

    Obtain copies of archival and public records, such as wills and probate, inquests, immigration records, land records and titles and, court records.

  • Researching your home, property & business

    Research the history of your house, land and property and uncover the stories that make it a home. We can search the history associated with your business and the premises where they operate from.

  • Research for agencies and professional services

    We undertake research for professional services such as legal practices, accounting firms, property valuers and conveyancers. We can search and copy such records as wills and probate, historical court cases, inquests, land records, as well as undertaking heir searches.

  • Oral histories & family narratives

    Capture your family history for posterity when we sit down with you and record your memories for future generations. Done in a comfortable environment, these recordings can be kept confidential or be shared with your family and friends.

  • Presentations & workshops

    See our range of presentations and information sessions for your local historical society or social club relating to historical research, preservation and conservation of records, or something tailored to your historical needs and interests.

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Not finding what you’re looking for? No worries, get in touch with our experienced Genealogists in Melbourne, Geelong Victoria and we can see what we can do.

Terms & fees

Our fees reflect industry standard with the Professional Historians Association (Victoria & Tasmania). We quote on an individual basis. Contact us now for an obligation-free quote and to find out more about this exclusive service.