Family Trees

Specialising in family tree research services in Melbourne, Geelong, Victoria & Australia-wide.

Whether you would like to start your family tree or help with discovering branches that you are having trouble with, Born & Bred can help.

We offer family trees, attractively presented on one of our original custom-made Born & Bred templates with up to six generations. All you need to do is provide us with your family details as you know them and we’ll do the rest of the work!

If you are stuck on your current family tree, we can do comprehensive research to help you find those missing pieces, one branch at a time.

We can supply the tree as a digital copy or have it printed and framed.


An example of one of our four custom-designed family trees (5-6 generations – typically Australia and UK. Other countries upon discussion).

Our family trees typically take between 10-20 hours of research to complete. Digital copy at no additional charge. Printing and framing will require an individual quote. Our trees are designed to be printed any size from A4-A0.

We now also offer your first family tree. This 3-4 generation family tree is the perfect gift for newborns, birthdays, naming days or baptisms. Available on one of 6 custom-designed trees, we can also arrange printing and framing.

If you are looking for something else Born & Bred can help with building history research, professional ancestry research services or family history research, as well as historical presentations and workshops in Geelong, Melbourne and Australia-wide more.

Terms & fees

Our fees reflect industry standard with the Professional Historians Association (Victoria & Tasmania). We quote on an individual basis. Contact us now for an obligation-free quote and to find out more about this exclusive service.