Why would you do ancestry research?

We have a lot of people ask us WHY we do ancestry research and take a deep dive into all thing’s history. Do you want to know why we do it and why Born & Bred Historical Research exists at all? Well, we’re here to help history-curious people to discover the truth about their past, and in turn understand their place in the world. This also can help to create a sense of purpose in the present, and share that knowledge with future generations. We are linked to the past, our ancestors, the places they have been and their actions, whether we like it or not.

We can learn from and acknowledge the past and what has gone before and what our ancestors may have done.

We also LOVE what we do. We love being able to help you solve some of those family history mysteries, grow your family tree, break down a “brick wall” or find a missing branch. Sometimes our clients come to us with the smallest of requests, such as the search for a name, date or to try and find a missing or unknown ancestor, and being able to find and confirm those questions with thorough and methodical research gives us the greatest satisfaction. Being able to help you with your ancestry research, in whatever capacity – small or large – is no insignificant feat. It’s a privilege and a joy and it can help people to heal and come to terms with the past and their ancestors, as well as help to paint a picture of those who came before us. Not only that, our research can have other tangible benefits, such as finding missing people, confirming connections to communities and countries, or having a piece of your history available for future generations to cherish. Sometimes, it’s just about being able to confirm that family rumour or quash it altogether. But, that’s a story for another day…

Ancestry research can come in all shapes and sizes
Ancestry research can come in all shapes and sizes.