Family tree Australia (and further)


If only it was as easy to do a search in Google for family tree Australia and something completed and presentable pops up. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works, but we can let you in on a little secret…we’re the next best thing and that exactly what we can do for you.

Born & Bred Historical Research specialises in family trees. It’s our niche, our jam, our superpower. It’s what we love to do and we are really quite good at it.

Some people are too nervous to start because they think they know nothing, but the best place to start is by beginning – you! We start with what you do know and then we work from that. To begin we ask that you provide as much information as you already know, even if you don’t think that’s verified, because usually there is some tiny bit of truth we can extract from that.

Family trees can take us all over the country and even across the world and while we specialise in Australian research, we can also delve into other parts of the planet (just ask us!). Our research for family trees generally takes us anywhere from 20-50 hours to complete to be completely thorough. While we are fortunate to be able to access records from across the world, sometimes we just cannot verify a person or information, which means we won’t include someone on a tree. If we are not absolutely sure it is your ancestor, you might see gaps or ‘unknowns’ in their place.

What do you get? Well, you get your completed family tree which is 5-6 generations and includes more than 60 direct ancestors and the dates and places of their births, deaths and marriages. All of this is presented on your choice of one of custom-designed family trees.

So, when you decide that it’s time to search for family tree Australia, think of us and take the first step by getting in touch here.

Family tree
One of our completed family trees that had us travelling around the world.