What’s the deal with ancestry research?


When it comes to ancestry research, we’re experts – your resident history detectives. When we tell people what we do there are usually two reactions; firstly people will think we are the most dull and boring person at a party (we are not, by the way) and the second usually begins with the comment, “oh, so just like that Ancestry.com on the TV.”

Family history research, genealogy or diving into your ancestors is what we are passionate about. We love being able to take a deep dive into the lives of those who came before us and then tell their stories. Much to some people’s astonishment research, and individual and family histories are not neatly packaged up in a box at your local archives (if only it was that simple). It’s not even as simple as doing a name search at these institutions. To do your ancestry research we pursue so many different avenues, including some of those well-known databases you see advertised on television, but mostly it is archives, repositories, libraries, local historical societies, journals, books, and newspapers, and sometimes it takes us to living people.

Research as not literal – quite often you must search laterally to find a skerrick of information that might help you proceed.

We have people come to us who are wanting to find out one small detail that has been a bugbear within their family for years – or even generations – that they want answers or clarification on, maybe smash down that metaphorical ‘brick wall’. We have people come to us to find missing ancestors and then we have others who don’t know anything about their family history and want to learn as much as they can.

It is a real privilege to be able to venture into family histories, ancestors and moments in history that connect us all. With this research you can travel to new places you may never have dreamed and be a rewarded in ways you never knew was possible.
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Learn more about your family history with ancestry research
Learn more about your family history with ancestry research.