Family history research Australia


Family history research Australia can take us to many places. Whether you have a connection to our First Nations people, whether your ancestors arrived on a convict ship, were chasing their fortune during the goldrush era, whether it was to find a better life after the devastation of the Second World War or whether they sought refuge in a safer place than their birth country, our stories can be wide and varied.

There are many reasons why people want to know more about their family history, and people come to us to hoping to find an answer to big and the small questions. Whether someone is trying to find the final missing puzzle piece about where their ancestor died, or wanting to confirm where they disappeared to. We have others who come to us who have little to no knowledge about their family – where did they come from, why they came here and what was their life like. Some want to know about the salacious scandals that have plagued their family and been whispered in hushed tones for decades.

The ‘why’ can just be complete curiosity. The ‘how’ of this research can take us down avenues to try and answer questions and solve mysteries to give you some answers. What is most often the case though, is that we need to look laterally and not literally. It’s never as simple as plugging a name into a search engine and ‘voila’ there pops up all the information about a person that you’d ever hope to find. Often it is identifying records that could place an ancestor somewhere – where did they live? Did they worship? What industry did they work in? The list goes on.

What we do know about family history research Australia is that the outcome once we have finished digging can be life changing.

It can close chapters for people, it can open a whole new world and understanding about your ancestors.

It’s never too early to get started to finding those answers. Contact us to see how we can help.


Family history research Australia
Family history research Australia can take us to many places