The genealogist in Australia

A genealogist is defined as a person that traces or studies lines of family descent. Using these defining guidelines we can, with great confidence, confirm that if that’s what you are looking for, you have come to the right place. That’s right – Born & Bred Historical Research is here to help with all your genealogical, family history and family tree needs.

The study of family and genealogy can be completely fascinating and allows people to trace their history and learn about their ancestors. There are many resources that we have available at our fingertips (and some we need to dig a little deeper to find) that can help us to pursue these fascinating lines of enquiry, which in turn helps to uncover mysteries, answer questions and even smash down a few “brick walls.”

Born & Bred Historical Research are here as your professional genealogist in Australia and are committed to helping individuals and families discover their roots and learn more about their history. It can be a fascinating, eye-opening, and cathartic experience for our clients and one which we take great care and pride in when undertaking your research.


But, why would you choose Born & Bred Historical Research?


We’re experts in the field, with an extensive knowledge about Australian, Victoria and local history and genealogy. With years of practical experience and access to a wide range of resources and records we can help to solve even some of the most challenging family history mysteries.

Our research is customised to you! Each family is unique and so is their genealogy. Your questions are specific to your family and therefore, so is the way we approach them. Our personalised approach and service ensures that your family history is accurately and thoroughly documented.

Most importantly, we know that it is a privilege to be able to dive into someone’s family and tell their stories.

Is it time for you to engage in the services of professional genealogist to help to coax those family history skeletons out of the closet? Contact us here to get started.

The Genealogist Australia: Finding Family
The Genealogist Australia: Finding Family