Genealogist near me Victoria

We don’t like to toot our own horn, but when people ask “where is the best genealogist near me Victoria” we are happy to put ourselves forward.

The role of a genealogist is wide and varied; not only do we give you insights into your family tree, find missing branches and break down “brick walls,” we also do in-depth comprehensive historical research that falls outside of the “family history” genre. Our honed skills, expertise and experience give us the tools to be able to tell your family history and bring some of those stories to light to help better understand the lives of your ancestors.

So much which is now accessible worldwide where once it was a more difficult and lengthy process to be able to discover more about our ancestry. And, now particularly with the allure of DIY research where they tell you it is as easy as plugging names into an online search engine and that everything is there and available at our fingertips. These can seem so tempting, and yet so much can be unverified and costly with subscription-based services.  Don’t get us wrong, these can be great conveniences and allow us to access some records more readily, however, that does not mean that it is as easy as plugging those names in and having a complete family history there. Only a small fraction of records are available through these avenues and for the most part it takes time, patience and understanding to determine where and what records to look at and how to view and interpret them.

Genealogy and family history research is more than just assembling names and dates; it’s about uncovering the stories and piecing them together, that binds generations.

A skilled researcher works laterally and not literally, finding the people and stories that might be on the periphery of direct ancestors and weaving them together to help tell the stories of the past that make us who we are and give us the reasons about how we came to be.

If you’re looking for a genealogist near me Victoria who can not only help you with your Victorian heritage, but also discovering ancestors Australia wide and worldwide, then we can help. It’s never too early to begin the journey through time.

Genealogist near me Victoria
Genealogist near me Victoria. All of the discoveries can’t be made online.