Family trees

We all have one, they are timeless monuments to our heritage and many are unsure where its roots are planted; we’re talking about family trees of course. These documents trace back branches of our lineage through the annals of time and can be the beginnings of the greatest stories we’ll know in our lifetime. Because they all amount to our own stories.

Family trees go beyond names and dates on a page, they can encapsulate stories, struggles, trials, and triumphs of generations past and can weave a tapestry of identity and connection. It is a great privilege to be able to complete the research and present a final accumulation of all that research which helps to tell your family’s journey through history. It is not only a journey of your ancestors, but can be a profound exploration of self and offer insights into who we are and where we come from, and the stories and legacies that help shape lives and generations.

At the heart of this research lies a deep desire to uncover the people and their stories who came before us; our ancestors. Through tracing lineage we can gain a greater sense of who we are and where we belong, of the lives our ancestors lived and maybe some of the sacrifices they made and even the adversity they may have faced in their decisions. Each branch of the tree that is added can give us a greater understanding of the past and help to inform the present.

It takes you another step towards understanding your place in the grand tapestry of human history.

All you need to begin is to start with what you already know and the tree can be grown from that small little seedling to flourish into a multi-generational tribute to your ancestry. Born and Bred Historical Research specialises in all facets of family history and genealogy and can help to grow your tree and tell the stories of your ancestors by weaving together the stories of generations past.

Family trees
Family trees; let us help you to grow yours.