What is the history of my house?

“What is the history of my house?” It’s a question we would get asked about at least once a week and it is something we love to research. Researching the history of house – your current home, or maybe a childhood house or property close to your family – can uncover stories of the houses’ origins, as well as those who lived and possibly worked or maybe worshipped there. There can be weird, wonderful, intriguing and eye-opening stories that surround the building in its physical form as well as the occupants’ lives.We like to take a dive into the history of the area to put the stories of the house and its people into context about what was happening at the time and within the local community. Often researching the larger area and community, as well as what was happening on a broader scale in the world at the time allows us to understand the milieu of everyday life for those living in the house and why they may have erected that wall, or the reasons behind why the house was built with weatherboards instead of bricks.

With researching your house or property we are able to tease the ghosts out from within the dark corners and weave stories from the built heritage.

We can also begin to understand what stood on the land before or the natural environment before anything may have been built. This research is done within a colonialised context and connecting what we can to Australia’s Indigenous heritage. We have travelled far and wide within Victoria to homes and properties to tell the stories that are contained within their walls and fence lines.

So, if you have been thinking about “what is the history of my house?” then now is the perfect time to learn more about how get in touch here.

History of my house
Learn more about the history of your house and discover the stories that can be told from those who once called it their own home.